UG EPISODE 21: Legal, Pirate Radio. Eurostyle [one time, and one time only].

Barcelona- Giulia y los Tellarini

5/4- Gorillaz

Waiting for the Sun- The Doors

Paris 2004- Peter Bjorn and John

Big Brother- The Stephane Wrembel Trio

Went To The Gypsy- Bob Dylan

Blue Ridge Mountains- Fleet Foxes

Entre Dos Aguas- Paco de Lucía

Paris- Yael Naim

How To Hang a Warhol- Little Joy

Gorrión- Juan Serrano

Mad Flava- Fatboy Slim

Free- Gnarles Barkley

Granada- Emilio de Benito

Cat As A Pun- Of Montrael

Of Moons, Birds & Monsters- MGMT

The Pretender- Dr. Dog

Lisztomania- Pheonix

Subterranean Homesick Alien- Radiohead


UG EPISODE 20: Surprise Summertime Soirée!


Jimmy James- The Beastie Boys

Summertime- Sublime

Cool It Down- The Velvet Underground

Studio- Origen

Oh, You Horny Monster!- Fiasco

Passin' Me By- The Pharcyde

The Next Time Around- Little Joy

Electric Relaxation- A Tribe Called Quest

The Evil Dope- Phil Phillips

John Lennon- Beardo

Sensual Seduction- Snoop Dogg

The Next Collarbone (Snoop and Dre v. Fujiya and Miyagi)- The Hood Internet

Acid Rain Drops- People Under The Stairs

Burning of the Midnight Lamp- Jimi Hendrix

Lucky Man- The Verve

What's Golden- Jurassic Five

Visions of Johanna- Bob Dylan

The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts- Sufjan Stevens

Son of a Gun- The Vaselines

Palo Alto (Rare B-side!)- Radiohead

The Golden Road (to Unlimited Devotion)- The Grateful Dead

Cloudscape- Phillip Glass

** Shouts to Meggie for openin up the studio on a late summer night!