UG EPISODE 22: Midsummer Nights JAM 1.5 hrs of summatyme freshness!!



Terminally Chill- Neon Indian

Anna's MCs (Set Free From The Crawlspace)- dj BC and the Beastles

The Guns of Brixton- The Clash

Instant Karma- John Lennon

Buisinessfunk- Datashat

Breakthrough- Isaac Hayes

Untitled- 24-Carat Black

Motown Tribe- dj BC

Boogie Stop Shuffle- Charles Mingus

Prison Soul- Soul Fiction

D.O.A. (Death ofAuto-Tune)- Jay Z

Little Jimmy Skit- Kanye West

Born to be Wild (Borat Version)- Fanfare Ciocarlia

Morning After Midnight- Adam Green

What Is Life- George Harrison

You And I- Wilco

Ragged Wood- Fleet Foxes

1901- Phoenix

Intergalactic Waters of Nazereth- Robotech on the Offensive

Play Your Part (Pt 1)- Girl Talk

Maneater (acoustic BBC set)- Nelly Furtado

Bat Macumba- Os Mutantes

Go On, Say It- Blind Pilot

Backdrifts (Honeymoon Is Over)- Radiohead

Two Weeks- Grizzly Bear

Shot in the Arm- Wilco

Train Song- Fiest and Ben Gibberd

Ladies of the World- Flight of the Conchords

Deadbeat Summer- Neon Indian