UG EP 23: New Season, New Equipment, Same Old. Stay Gold.


Sunday Arak- Balkan Beat Box

Trying to Live, Dying to Eat- The Burger Boyz

11th Dimension- Julian Casablancas

Attention!- The Apples

If It's True- Yo La Tengo

Streets of Calcutta- Ananda Shankur

International Feel- Todd Rungren

What The Altitude [ft. Hymnal]- Cut Chemist

Rental Car- Beck

Surprise Hotel- Fool's Gold

ROYAL EFF-UP UG STYLE: SORRY! (watch out for a very loud transition to:)

Sunday Sounds- Apples in Stereo

UG Live from the road in California [in LA on Santa Monica Blvd]

Keep On- Champion

UG Live from the road in California [en route to San Diego]

Vibes and Stuff- A Tribe Called Quest

Without A Doubt- The Roots

You Don't Have to be a Prostitute- Flight of the Conchords

Stepping Into Tomorrow- Madlib