UG Episode 26: Somewhere Between The Moon and The Week’s Inception

Animal- Miike Snow [Mark Ronson Remix]

Blue Sunday- The Doors

Out of the Blue- Julian Casablancas

Eple- Ryksopp

Ice on Ice [UG Live Mix]- Jerry Butler

Productivity- 1963 TIme-Life Magazine Advertisement

Shotgun- Junior Walker and the All Stars

Oh My Love- John Lennon

God Put A Smile Upon My Face- Mark Ronson

Dance With Me (EP Version) - Adam Green [with vocal accompaniment!!]

Where's The Beef- The Burger Boyz

Optimo- Liquid Liquid

Izzat Love?- Todd Rungren

Ship Of Fools- The Doors

Sun And Hash- Shigeto

--Eric's Erroneous Etchings; Entering the Ethos [over Philip Glass' Cloudscape]--

Artour De Force- The Apples [תודה Shachar!]

Boss City- Kashemere Stage Band [UG Mixing in the Mix Again!]

The Queen and I- Gym Class Heros

Wake Up- The Arcade Fire


UG Episode 25: The Boys Set Fire to the Grill! feat. Matt Krupanski, Drummer of Boy Sets Fire!


Urban Grilling EP 25 Playlist:

Let's Talk About It- White Denim

Peaches- Outkast

Empire State of Mind Jay-Z (feat. Alicia Keys)

Somebody To Love- Jefferson Airplane

--Intro: Matt's "Uncensored" Boy Sets Fire Band History--

November Has Come- Gorillaz

Life On Mars- David Bowie

Baby, Let Me Follow You Down- Bob Dylan [Live @ Royal Albert Hall, 1966]

--Matt's Introduction To Some Good Ol' College Fun--

After The Eulogy-Boy Sets Fire

--Energy in Music & The Elements That Make Up A Successful Show--

Peanut Butter and Jelly- Beastie Boys [Hello Nasty B-Side]

Working for the Weekend- Loverboy

People of the Sun- Rage Against the Machine

--Disturbed Individuals and Maximum Extremities Through Excess and Reinvention: The Old Bass Player--

I Don't Know- Beastie Boys

Over & Over- Hot Chip

--Architecture & Poetry--

The Kids- Jamiroquai


UG EPISODE 24: Guard Your [Urban] Grill.

UG EP 24 Playlist:

Snoop. D. O. Double G – Snoop Dogg

Laughing Gas- Neon Indian

People in the City – Modojo

Gangster Tripping – Fatboy Slim

[Break : White Van. Music : slept with bonhamme at the cbc – Broken Social Scene]

Guard your Grill – Naughty By Nature

Clap Your Hands – Black Eyed Peas

[Break : On the Phones with Eric]

Pon De Floor – Major Lazor

Debra – Beck

Night By Night – Chromeo

Hoodie – Lady Sovreign

[Break : “Seasons of the Year” poem by Kess]

Marketfresh – Broken Social Scene


Wolf Parade – Shine a Light

My Mathematical Mind – Spoon

6 Underground – Sneaker Pimps

Night Court – MuxMool