UG Episode 31! Space Jamz for your iPad. Rhythms to Launch a Rad Fad.

April 13, 2010


Hard To Explain- The Strokes

Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second- Starfucker

Emotional Rescue (In Flagranti Edit)- Rolling Stones

A Game Of Life- Lavaba & E. Mallison

Hypnotized (feat. PackFM & Club Dub)- Cunninlynguists

Nothin' On Me- Barack Obama

I Touch Myself- Divinyls

Sean Dumps Maggie- iDump4U.com!

Flash Delirium- MGMT

Synchro- Charles De Goal

A/B Machines- Sleigh Bells

White folks- Barack Obama

Jackie Wants A Black Eye- Dr Dog

Let Her Dance- The Bobby Fuller Four

Money (Thats What I Want)- The Beatles

I Want You- Gary Low

Illusion Of Love- Uffie

Queen of the Highway- The Doors

Red Hot- Jurrasic 5

Get Thy Bearings- Donovan

Bookends Theme- Simon and Garfunkel

Looking For Freedom- David Hasslehoff