UG EPISODE 40: Sound Travels; Ubiquitously Pioneering The College Radio Podcast.

October 22, 2010


Ooh Wee- Mark Ronson

Angry Red Planet Intro [1959]

1970’s Ad Music- Unknown

Here Comes The Judge -Pigmeat Markham [1968]

Nao Da Pra Entender- Os Diagonais

All Roads Lead To Rome- The Stranglers

Bill O’Reilly v. Christian Bale

Worst Band In The World- 10cc

Kentucky Fried Chicken Ad [1970’s]

Miss Cindy- The High Decibels

Diplo Rhythm [Plus samples from: It’s Always Sunny, Antoine Dodson, Bjork on her TV]

Lansbury's Lament- Burger Boyz

Red Red Wine- UB 40

So, Let's Melt The North Pole!- Acoustifone

Action- Terror Fabulous ft. Nadine Sutherland

Take The High Road- Concordia Sex Education Series

Solta O Frango - Bonde Do Rolé

y2k Cyber Terrorists!

I Want the World to Stop- Belle and Sebastian

Let Me In- The Sessions

Come Togther Beat- The Neptunes

Luchini (This Is It)- Camp Lo

Boogie On Reggae Woman- Stevie Wonder

It's Not The Crime- Tower of Power

Rock a Mambo- Les Voyons

Electronic Track 10 - Peter Bonello