UG EPISODE 45: Just Say Yes: Unchecked Levels n Noise Leakin at You From the Depths of WPIR

December 7, 2010


Babe Ruth- The Mexican | Two Hoboes- Champion | Dizzy- Tommy Roe | What a Waster- Adam Green | Piedone and the Baron- Guido and Maurizio de Angelia | Hannukkah Hey Ya- Smooth-E | I'm Waiting For My Man - The Velvet Underground | Let a Woman Be a Woman, Let a Man Be a Man- Dyke and the Blazers | Big Bottom (Bobby C Sound TV Remix)- Spinal Tap | Real Rock- Sound Dimension | Untitled Instrumental- Television | No One Knows- Mark Ronson feat. Domino | Drop The Bass- DJ Magic Mike | It's Your Thing - Cold Grits | Life of a Scholar - 3 Titans (feat. Menahan Street Band) | Godzilla Theme | Oh Word?- Beastie Boys | Till There Was You- The Beatles | Cheers Theme | Song Sea, Room, Budapest. Excerpt of a Letter- Juhani Pallasmaha | Broken Train- Beck | Watermelon In Eastern Hay- Frank Zappa